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Check out the before and after of this rescreen, where we also pressure washed, cleaned the gutters, checked the wind bracing, and serviced the screen doors.

Did you know when you schedule a rescreen with Advanced Aluminum, we don't just replace the screen?

We also tighten your hurricane cables, check your base for rusted screws and give you the option to replace them with stainless steel tapcons to ensure that the base of your enclosure is secured to the cement.

We also service your screen doors with upgraded hardware

(new handles, closers & bug sweeps), check your wind bracing, and clean out your gutters.

We offer options of replacing your Phifer Brand 18x14 mesh screen with our 20x20 "No See Um" Phifer Brand Screen, or our Pet Screen. We can also set up a pressure wash for you, replace screen doors, add dog doors, and add or replace kickplate.